Juniper Jones
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Complex ideas transformed into inspiring, relatable and understandable stories.


An animated show opener to celebrate the partnership between TED and UPS, a collaborative relationship that has spanned four years, with a focus on data that comes from the partnership. In addition to the hero film, Juniper Jones provided animated bumpers to introduce the sixteen UPS speakers.

TED: Brightline

A collection of ten films focusing on Brightline's ten guiding principles. Each film was framed as a fun business lesson, showcasing Brightline's thought leadership.

The timeless simplicity of our designs helped provide clarity to the company pillars and our dynamic animation them to life.

TED: Microsoft

A film on digital transformation and unlocking human potential by amplifying human ability and how Microsoft is creating technology that empowers every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Told from the vantage of Cesar Cernuda, President of Microsoft Latin America.