Client Viacom

Spike / Spike Sports Rebrand

All Inclusive

As Spike transitioned from a male-centric network to a general entertainment brand, they turned to Juniper Jones to create a visual identity that would authentically resonate with their audience, speaking 'to' them rather than ‘at’ them.

We took a “no design for design’s sake” approach, eliminating flourishes and bringing a clean, sophisticated edge to the new brand identity that allows Spike’s show content to always take center stage. The platform-agnostic design approach feels equally at home on TVs and digital devices. The animation language is both functional and engaging so that the information conveyed is easily digestible and leaves a lasting impression on Spike’s viewers.

"These guys have grit."

Terry Minogue - SVP, Brand Marketing and Creative


And who doesn’t want options? We fully coded the rebrand toolkit so that Spike has countless combinations and variations with which to endlessly play (seriously, it’s wacky math).

Spike Sports Branding

For Spike Sport’s “Fighters First” campaign, we designed a visual style to elevate the athletes to center stage. We creative directed the massive shoot consisting of four epic stages and upwards of eighty fighters, give or take a welterweight. The high contrast set design juxtaposed against the slow-motion phantom footage made for an embarrassment of riches when cutting the brand film!