Client Scripps

Food Network + Cooking Channel

It's Contagious!

From show promos to channel anthems, our collaboration with Scripps has yielded hilarious results. These spots are veritable buzz generators and the proof is in the ratings. What can we say? Fun is contagious!

We pride ourselves on having fun with our work. And no partner allows us to have more of it than our good friends at Food Network / Cooking Channel!

Burgers, Brew & 'Que

One of several punchy and mouth-watering promos we wrote and shot for the Cooking Channel's latest season of the show, featuring the equally high-energy, Michael Symon.

Taco Trip

We teamed with Cooking Channel to promote their show “Taco Trip,” co-concepting this Telenovela spoof, delicately navigating the fine line of making something so bad, it’s good. JJ provided direction and production, shooting in Austin, TX.

Rev Run's Sunday Suppers

The show was about family coming together, but they weren’t coming together for the promo shoot. So we rolled up our sleeves and turned a perceived weakness into a strength, playing off the family absence to establish the show’s premise. Juniper Jones provided concept, writing, direction, and production.

Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition

These celebrity cooks really put the bust in blockBUSTer. We took our cues from Hollywood when concepting these two trailers (“Action” and “Horror”) to promote the

"Movie" Trailers

new season, providing direction and production as well. They may be the worst cooks in America, but they were a pleasure on set!

Holiday Card

Fun is the name of the game when it comes to Cooking Channel, and in making an Anthem for the network, we figured we’d bring that name to life, creating a world where each host’s personality could be playfully highlighted. Juniper provided concept, music supervision, design, direction, and production, shooting all the cast in a day.