Client Epix

A Plethora of Piñatas

Comedy is such a powerful tool in establishing emotional connections and the Epix creative department are the kings of using it to effectively engage with their audience. We’ve been making that connection with them for so long now that….well, "soulmates" might be a strong word, but we’re not not saying it…

Whether we’re driving an RV across country (hard drives hanging from bungee cords), concepting wacky cross-generational phone convos, or corralling comedians to rant about comedy, our partnership with Epix has been entertaining to say the least!

Get Shorty Launch Campaign

We cut a series of teases for Get Shorty, Epix's new crime show based on Elmore Leonard's legendary noir. Our scene-highlighting editorial style paired perfectly with the dialogue-heavy source material.

Wanda Sykes - What Happened...Ms Sykes

What’s better than watching Wanda Sykes’ do her comedic thing? Watching two Wanda's do it, of course! We provided concept, direction, and production to promote the Epix comedy special "What Happened Ms. Sykes?"

Epix Drive-In

To craft this brand identity package for Epix Drive-In, the superlative b-movie channel, we wholeheartedly embraced the aesthetic of the subject matter; we loaded up an RV and drove across country, concepting, writing, directing, shooting and editing everything on the road! It doesn’t get any more run-and-gun than this.

Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader

We went BIG to promote this Epix original movie, co-concepting, directing, and providing production.

Epix Serious About Comedy

Check “corral comedian’s to rant about comedy” off the bucket list. We produced this promo for Epix’ “Serious about Comedy” special.

Tom Papa Freaked Out

We partnered with Epix to produce this wacky shoot with Tom Papa. We also supplied the real star, HERO, Juniper Jones’ always-ready-for-his-close-up border terrier.

Dennis Miller America 180

We flipped Dennis Miller right-side-up for this promo, providing concept, direction and production.