Client Warner Bros


Season 14
For the show's 14th season, Warner Bros was looking to keep the Ellen audience engaged with the Ellen brand throughout the dog days of Summer while the Olympic games were monopolizing public attention. We set out to build a campaign that would applaud the games while nodding to Ellen's absence, all the while building energy and anticipation for her Fall launch.

Season 15
Think of all the smiles that are missed daily when Ellen is on hiatus! For the season 15 launch, we aimed to use the absence of Ellen’s positive presence to push her brand into a larger campaign centered around the contagiousness of smiling. So we co-opted ‘Happy Hour’ because nothing says happiness like Ellen! Design-wise, we looked to evolve our Season 14 look, emoji 2.0.

“...it was a pleasure working with you and your team, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Jared Stone | Executive Director, Brand Creative

Created by WB Internal

Ellen, Everywhere!

Knowing we had a well-defined brand to honor, our team strategized a new creative approach that would embrace the brand experience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Our design team created emojis that epitomized Ellen’s essence: cute, simple, funny and dynamic.

The emoji set was carefully designed to work seamlessly from motion to print to digital, allowing her brand to live virtually everywhere.