Client Chewy

Launch Campaign

The second largest online pet retailer turned to Juniper Jones to help translate their brand to a visual sphere, starting with their first broadcast commercial - a national spot no less.

From there, we went on to develop and produce two additional campaigns, a total of eight spots further helping to cement Chewy’s brand, and generating a ten percent spike in sales.

Within the calendar year of these results, Chewy sold to Petsmart for 3.35 billion, the largest e-commerce acquisition ever. (check out Kevin’s article on the campaign and its success here)

Blown. Away.

Blown Away

Chewy was looking for a more creative version of a direct response ad. Pet lovers want to see their pets happy, so we put ourselves in the mind of the dog to showcase what it’s really like to receive a package from Chewy.com.

“This is taking the Chewy brand and bringing it to life.” Alan Attal / COO

Mix & Match

Our eye-catching graphics further solidify Chewy’s brand while clearly delivering key message points. Paired with beautifully art directed pet footage, what more does one need?


We’d shown what it was like to be the pet; it was time to show what it was like to be the owner. Time to get up and dance! We covered the seminal classic to get people twisting.

Behind The Scenes

Get in on the fun! There's plenty of room.