Client Wildlife Conservation Society

96 Elephants

Bringing the crimes closer to home

We teamed with the Wildlife Conservation Society to create a campaign that not only raised awareness for the cause of African elephants but created a call to action to help stop ivory poaching.

By placing the crime scene within the ubiquitous visual language of a weeknight crime drama, we aimed to close the gap between the masses at home and the actual scene of these atrocities.

WCS saw a 15% increase in new email acquisitions (and within the calendar year, China had banned its ivory trade!)

“96 Elephants are killed a day. It's just staggering. The synergy between that number and 96 Tears, it was meant to be and I was proud to be a part of it." - ?

Digital + Audio

We tabbed "?" (of "? And the Mysterians" fame) to add a custom cover of his 1966 garage rock classic "96 tears," teaming up with our friends at Bang to supply just the right eery sense of dread. The campaign provided a framework for interactive activations around the world, mobilizing people to spread the message through social media.