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Data Protectors Game

No B.S.

Augmented Reality Pre-Show Experience


Krave Olympics Campaign

Turner Classic Movies

Launch Campaign

Better Websites For All

96 Elephants

Spike / Spike Sports Rebrand

Strange Hobbies

Brain Games

A Plethora of Piñatas

Food Network + Cooking Channel




RXBar - Brand Channel

RXBAR, which just launched new spots from Juniper Jones to highlight its “penchant for honesty and simplicity,” is in line with millennials and other consumers seeking better-for-you products, transparency and dietary innovation.


RXBar Aquisition

Congrats to our friends at RXBar for being acquired by Kellogg for $600 million!

3 Egg Whites, 4 Cashews, 2 Dates, 600,000,000 Big Ones


Grateful Dead

Kyle McKeveny Music Supervised the new Grateful Dead Documentary along with Joe Rudge. We are lucky to have him also be our Music Sup., Producer, and 4th best Ping Pong player in the Office.


New Work // Nat Geo // Year Million


Awards 2017

Comedy Promo / Wanda Sykes Flagship / Silver

Syndicated Program Campaign / Ellen Emoji Campaign / Silver

Daytime Program Campaign / Ellen Emoji Campaign / Silver

Sports Directing / Spike Sports Launch / Bronze

Sports Art Direction & Design / Spike Sports Launch / Silver

Sports Image Promotion / Spike Sports Launch / Bronze


Epix Original Series / Get Shorty is Launched


AR_Studio Begins

Our Augmented Reality Division Begins

Our Augmented Reality Division Begins


Chewy Aquisition

Congrats to our Chewy friends for being Acquired by Petsmart for 3.35 Billion Dollars!

Yes, Billion, with a "B". Don't spend it all in one place.


Kevin King Comes Aboard the S.S. J.J.

Coming from both the startup and audio worlds, Kevin helps with Business Development for us and our clients alike.


Cynopsis Media Awards

2017 Winner // Network Branding Campaign
Spike Sports does it again!


Bridget's Scary Halloween Story

*Animated by Frank Glisky and Ananya Ghatrazu, this fun story was told by Bridget


Promax Hotspot // TCM // Ident

Juniper Jones re-creates gilded film moments for Turner Classic Movies.


Behind the Scenes with 'Client Blog'

Check out this very comprehensive look at how Nat Geo's Brain Games spots came together.



Juniper Jones Reveals "Better Websites For All" With New Squarespace Commercial


NBA Finals Shoutout from Black Book

Going back several years, Juniper Jones founder and creative director Kevin Robinson helped create ESPN's Conference Finals Open.


Clio Award

Clio Win for SyFy's 'Magicans'


Tribeca Covers Juniper Jones Process

Juniper Jones founder Kevin Robinson shares the pitfalls and triumphs of creating the new NFL Thursday Night Football broadcast open.


Clio Award

Win for Lifetime's Witches of East End. I guess Mr. Clio likes cute girls with dark hair?


Creative Planet // Spike Rebrand

On of many articles showcasing our work on the rebrand.


Juniper Jones is equal parts content agency, production company and innovation lab. Delivering purpose driven ideas that exist at the intersection of storytelling, design and technology.

Our ever-growing network of creatives, directors, writers, designers, and editors focus on storytelling in all its evolving forms.

Our strategy-focused team understands that creative content is, by design, made to solve real business challenges.

By using emerging technology, we can evaluate user data, yielding greater insights on your customers.

Don't take it from us!

“What’s interesting is these guys lead with video and storytelling, but their creative process and design thinking provide even greater value. They take a much more holistic approach; one that can be applied to creative solutions for real business issues across the board.”

- Gene Dubrovin | VP of Sales Greenland USA

“It starts and ends with story for Juniper Jones. They made that clear the first day we all met. Our partnership was one of close collaboration, working together to identify the story we needed to tell to drive sales and build our brand.”

- Rich Minkoff | Head Of Production Squarespace

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Why does storytelling matter?

Because it gets ATTENTION. In today's media landscape, it must be thoughtful, bold, and contextually relevant to be worthy of consumer attention.

Why Juniper Jones?

1. We're invested in all of our projects; It's one of the strengths of a being a nimble team. Click the convo icon bottom right and we'll prove it!
2. Comedy is a powerful tool, and we wield it often. But we always handle with care.
3. We're conversation starters. People talking about your brand, online or otherwise, is your #1 sales driver. Let's get them talking!

How much does it cost to work with you, and what's the ROI?

As our friend Gary Vaynerchuk says: "What's the ROI of doing nothing?" We have a similar sentiment when it comes to costs: it costs nothing to hit us up! We're always down to find creative budget solutions. And if we decide a partnership isn't the right fit, maybe there will be one in the future!


We build stories
that get attention

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