Case StudySpike Rebrand


Spike came to us looking for an on-air identity to pair with their new logo and brand philosophy shift from male-centric to general entertainment. We’ve partnered with Spike in the past, but never quite like this! Just another day at the office – rebrand department.


The ability of the package to exist on digital platforms was imperative to Spike. We took a “no design for design’s sake” approach, eliminating flourishes so the message always takes center stage; this brought a clean, sophisticated edge to the new brand identity.
We crafted an animation language that is both functional and engaging so that the information conveyed is easily digestible and leaves a lasting impression on Spike’s viewers.

We’re super proud of the package and have the solid team over at Spike to thank for calm seas and smooth sailing all around. Rock on!


And who doesn’t want options? We fully coded the rebrand toolkit so that Spike has countless (seriously, it’s wacky math) combinations and variations to play with, keeping things fresh for the foreseeable future.

Get up close and personal with our package and find out all the nitty gritty details.

Peek Behind The Scenes

Digital First: From conception, the identity was built to be ported into Apps and Websites.

A 200 Page Style Guide accompanied the slick visuals, accounting for every important detail.

Toolkits don’t come more involved than this! We coded an automated system that only the good folks at Spike are fully able to appreciate.
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