Client RXBAR

No B.S.

B.K. (Before Kellogg's)

For their first official ad spots, RXBAR was looking for a partner who could bring their proposition and aesthetic to life across multiple platforms. They turned to Juniper Jones to concept, script, storyboard, and produce multiple spots for both their main line (Adult) and kid’s line.

Working with the marketing team at RXBAR, we aimed to embrace the RXBAR brand ethos of upfront, bold, to-the-point messaging. We developed a campaign that riffs off the front facing ingredient list, taking it a step further to show viewer’s that when it comes to RXBAR, what’s inside is on the outside.


Real, simple, natural ingredients…so, let’s show them! A novel idea. The beauty is in the simplicity (plus the bar packaging design is so sleek!)

"Your attention to detail was unlike any partner we've worked with...a true extension of our team, solving design and creative problems alongside us. That made all the difference."

Charlie Hart | Director of Digital Marketing, RXBAR


Being radically candid is all the more important when it comes to kids (and when speaking to their parents). The animated elements bring a playful personality to the spots.